Snow Buster Volunteer Match Program

The Town is looking for community volunteers to assist residents, specifically those who report they are physically unable to remove snow, sleet and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to their property, remain in compliance with Municipal Code 11-1-20.

Sec. 11-1-20. Removal of snow and ice.

It is unlawful for any owner to allow snow, sleet, ice, dirt, debris or any other obstruction to remain on the sidewalk adjoining such land within the Town longer than twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the last accretion of such snow, sleet, ice, dirt, debris or other obstruction.

Individuals interested in serving as a Snow Buster Volunteer are encouraged to sign-up by clicking here. You may return the form via email to or to Town Hall (124 E. Coal Creek Drive).

If you are a resident in need of snow removal assistance, please click here to complete an assistance request form.

Residents requesting assistance may include:

• Individuals with a disability or physical impairment;

• Seniors who are physically unable to lift or move snow and ice;

• Individuals unable to pay for a private contractor to provide this service;

• Individuals who are away from their residence for extended periods of time.

Request forms may be returned in person to Town Hall (124 East Coal Creek Drive) or emailed to

This program is intended to help those who are physically unable to remove snow and are unable to pay for snow removal service. If you have the means to pay for snow removal services please do so. Please click here for a list of local snow removal contractors.  

Participating in the Snow Buster Volunteer Matching Program does not guarantee a volunteer will be available to shovel after snow events. Staff is not responsible for snow removal in the absence of a volunteer.